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Two recent articles…

Implanted biofuel cell successfully implanted into living animal. The implant could be used to power implanted medical devices.
Source National Geographic

Babies tricked to think robot is sentient if it acts friendly.
Source Popular Mechanics

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Macro Lens for My Palm Pre

I saw this iPhone macro lens hack a long time ago and finally got around to it this weekend.  So much fun.  Here is my inspiration Pappmaskin. Much thanks Morten Skogly.

It requires the following :

  • Laser Lens from CD/DVD Player
  • Tape
  • Card-Stock
  • Palm Pre

I had been searching for an old CD or DVD player that was defunct so I could grab the laser lens from it. I didn’t want to spend any money on this project. Just my luck, I rolled up to my friend’s house, Mr. C, and found an old Sony disc player tossed to the curb. Perfect!  It looked like this one:

This weekend I tore it apart.

I found the laser lens and pulled it out of the unit. It was easily removed from the plastic holder as it was held in place with only a few spots of glue. It’s very tiny and easy to drop.  My picture is blurry but you get the idea.  I handled it carefully as I didn’t want to scratch it up.  Once the lens is out, its time to make the temporary paper holder. I cut out a 1/2″ square piece of card-stock and made a small hole in the center for the lens. I pushed the lens into the circle and taped it to the Palm Pre.

The crazy thing is that you need to be rock steady to get a good image. Some of mine are a bit hazy because I was moving or the object was moving. At times, I was almost laying the Pre on the object before I could see the details. So here are the resulting images…

Wire mesh on a small ear bud

Threads from my blue jeans

African Violet flower petal

Ink on paper

Small rubber groves on a tire

Needles on a fern plant

My next step is to make a more permanent holder like this one on by RVogal and make a tripod like mount for the Pre. Any ideas?

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Finished Proto Shield. Had much fun but wish I could have been@gumbolabs

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I love to solder @gumbolabs

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