Circuit Bending Information

I am excited about the world of circuit bending and circuit bent musical instruments.  I am posting several circuit bending documentaries/videos.  This is followed by links to circuit bending websites and at the very bottom is a list of my circuit bending projects. If you know of some great circuit bending sites that I missed, please add them in the comment section.

Also, Barcamp 7 presentation coming soon.


BEND: A Circuit Bending Documentary

Glitch, a film about circuit bending part 1/3

What is Circuit Bending?

Other interesting videos…


Circuit bending websites…

My projects…

xmas horse

vtech toy phone

Atari Punk Console in a soap box

baby tad – first attempt

Some more inspiration…

G. Lucas Crane

Casper Electronics

ASMO : Gristleism LFO mod

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